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We have witnessed too many times and in many ways how positive Karma works! Misterious ways, but it always finds its recepients! And too many times we witnessed how it worked Instantly! :) 

You may want to consider developing a charitable giving to Eco Friendly Shelters to improve the positive impact you will make on society through your giving and our works. Like anything else worthwhile in life, it generally takes hard work and a basic willingness to help to successfully achieve your desired results. If you have that passion within for making this world a better place. By your giving, Eco Friendly Shelters will be empowered to provide services and solutions to low-income and no-income families and provide the Voice for the voiceless in today's society.

We are not-for-profit and proud to say so. We are functioning solely based on contributions of our members and generous donors.

Consider giving to Eco Friendly Shelters today! A source of perfect Instant Karma!

Details Donations to Eco Friendly Shelters start as low as $20 and can be purchased in various quantities. Thank You for your consideration for giving More.
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