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hands-hold-the-world-togetherWe assist individuals and groups in the resolution of conflicts or concerns during and post-disaster and emergency events. We work in all types of situations and represent victims and those impacted by such events to organizations, including government agencies, colleges and universities, corporations, hospitals and other medical facilities, and news organizations.

It's not an easy task, but Eco Friendly Shelters' ombusdmen stay objective during stressful situations caused by uncertainty and ambiguous emergency and disaster environments.

Classical Ombudsmanship

This Ombudsmanship receive and investigate complaints and concerns regarding governmental policies and processes. The authority and mandate of Classical Ombudsmanship are typically provided by statutory language. Eco Friendly Shelters might be elected by constituents or appointed by a legislature or organization to monitor citizens' treatment under the law. Classical Ombudsmen generally have authority to conduct investigations and make recommendations for appropriate redress or policy change.

Advocate Ombudsmanship

An Advocate Ombudsman may be located in either the public or private sector. In this capacity, Eco Friendly Shelters evaluates claims objectively, but is authorized or required to advocate on behalf of individuals or groups found to be aggrieved.

What Eco Friendly Shelters' ombudsmen do:

• Listens and understands issues while remaining neutral with respect to the facts. The ombudsman doesn't listen to judge or to decide who is right or wrong. The ombudsman listens to understand the issue from the perspective of the individual. This is a critical step in developing options for resolution.

• Assists in reframing issues and developing and helping individuals evaluate options. This helps individuals identify the interests of various parties to the issues and helps focus efforts on potential options to meet those interests.

• Guides or coaches individuals to deal directly with other parties, including the use of formal resolution resources of any organization. An ombudsman often seeks to help individuals improve their skill and their confidence in giving voice to their concerns directly.

• Refers individuals to appropriate resolution resources. An ombudsman may refer individuals to one or more formal organizational resources that can potentially resolve the issue.

• Assists in surfacing issues to formal resolution channels. When an individual is unable or unwilling to surface a concern directly, the ombudsman can assist by helping give voice to the concern and /or creating an awareness of the issue among appropriate decision-makers in the organization.

• Facilitates informal resolution processes. An ombudsman may help to resolve issues between parties through various types of informal mediation.

• Identifies new issues and opportunities for systemic change for the organization. The unique positioning of the Eco Friendly Shelters' ombudsmen serves to provide unfiltered information that can produce insight to issues and resolutions. The ombudsman is a source of detection and early warning of new issues and a source of suggestions of systemic change to improve existing processes.

What Eco Friendly Shelters ombudsmen do not do:

Because of the informal, neutral, confidential and independent positioning of an ombudsman in an organization, they typically do not undertake the following roles or activities:

• Participate in formal investigations or play any role in a formal issue resolution process

• Serve in any other organizational role that would compromise the neutrality of the ombudsman role

• Receive notices for any organization

• Make binding decisions or mandate policies

• Create or maintain records or reports for organizations

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." ― Charles Dickens

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