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OutpostThe Outpost project has been initiated in May 2012. The "typical" green-lawn half an acre property had a log home present that required a full rebuild and remodel. Most of the fixtures were orginally installed/built in 1988 and have barely been updated since.

The log home was in desperate need of full make-over including removing truck-load of black rot that was spreading in a crawlspace rapidly.

There were several challenges we faced with this project. Time to complete the project, labor availability, cost associated with materials.

We will be happy to share with our readers and members how we have been able to accomplish this project on-time, on-low-budget and with loads of Love.

 The objectives:

1. Remove contents/appliances and replace with cost- and energy-efficient solutions.

2. To simplify and improve living space (limited square footage of the home - 952 sq feet). Created "open-floor" concept floor layout.

3. Improve the property (from green lawn ridden with mole mounds to permaculture edible forest). Install the property fence and gates

4. Build Sauna, cold smoker, earth stove, green house.

We designed this property with cost-efficient strategies, utilization of locally-produced tools and materials.

Outpost is designed and implemented as a self-sustaining semi-urban project that has been complemented with concepts of permaculture and forest gardening.

In April 2017 the project was listed on the market and sold with full cash offer in 2 (!) days:

Thank You to all those who supported us on this journey! 

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