Earth Lodge 2.0

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earth_lodge_11We designed this shelter with cost-efficient strategies, utilization of locally-produced tools and materials. Eco friendly approach has paid off with sagnificant reduction in costs compared to a conventional construction.

Earth Lodge 2.0 Emergency Shelter was designed and implemented as a self-sustaining project that has been complemented with concepts of permaculture and forest gardening. Over 300 trees and shrubs have been planted year-to-date.

The long-term plans included creation of a Children's Camp. But due to threats, intimidation and subotage exibited by an HOA Board of Directors members, Eco Friendly Shelters Board of Directors has opted out of this option for the safety of its members.

Earth Lodge 2.0 Shelter Project goals and objectives:

Earthbag Design - soil used for sandbags from the excavation of the site

Made in America - focus on all products and materials that are made local to be used in this project

Salvaged wood - logs salvaged from the property and roofing boards obtained were cut from salvaged logs from forest fires

Rainwater collection - the Lodge has been designed with rainwater catchment in mind. It will be collected in centralized location and filtered through biosand filter

Gray water - a discharge (not recycling) system capable of handling a large number of people

Composting toilet - a must in this environment. The composting is healthy and responsible.

Solar and Wind energy - to utilize off-grid set-up with solar system and wind generator as a back-up power source.

Reciprocal roofs - we would never skip a chance to build another strong reciprocal roofs that are fun to build and tough to break

Green roofs - a must in this project as with combination with sprinkling system will protect from blazing sun and cold winter wind

Tubular skylights - natural light in all spaces.

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