The Outpost

OutpostThe Outpost project has been initiated in May 2012. The "typical" green-lawn half an acre property had a log home present that required a full rebuild and remodel. Most of the fixtures were orginally installed/built in 1988 and have barely been updated since.

The log home was in desperate need of full make-over including removing truck-load of black rot that was spreading in a crawlspace rapidly.


Earth Lodge 2.0

earth_lodge_11We designed this shelter with cost-efficient strategies, utilization of locally-produced tools and materials. Eco friendly approach has paid off with sagnificant reduction in costs compared to a conventional construction.

Earth Lodge 2.0 Emergency Shelter was designed and implemented as a self-sustaining project that has been complemented with concepts of permaculture and forest gardening. Over 300 trees and shrubs have been planted year-to-date.


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