Primorsky Nature Reserve Wonder

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wwf Russia Amur LeopardlargeThe Primorsky region in Russia's Far East is 9,000 kilometers away from Moscow. The natural environment there is like no other on the planet. Here, evolution has created unique conditions where Arctic and African animals can live side by side.

Peter the Great bay in the Sea of Japan is famous among divers around the world. Even veteran divers are amazed at some of its inhabitants. Local divers rarely visit other seas: the waters close to home are far more diverse and harbors so much interest that lifetimes can be spent exploring it.

The spurs of the eastern Manchurian Mountain Range stretch from China and Korea into Russia in a narrow isthmus. From these low mountain ridges, multiple streams trip down to join coastal rivers, ultimately spilling into the Sea of Japan. Here, nestled in the slopes and ravines of the Black Mountains lies the oldest nature reserve in the Russian Far East: Kedrovaya Pad Zapovednik. Facing the city of Vladivostok across the Gulf of Amur, where the ocean brings warm air and heavy summer rains, this protected area incorporates elements of northern boreal forests into its dense deciduous jungles. First noted for their plant diversity in the early 20th century, these subtropical forests are among the last remaining habitats of the highly endangered Amur leopard, and are also home to a variety of animals and endemic birds.

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