Fall and Winter Fresh Look at State of Nature

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fall-and-winter2FALL AND WINTER is a feature-length documentary that investigates humanity's enduring struggle with catastrophe.

The film peers into our ancient past, surveying the fall of civilizations to better comprehend our current situation and attempt to untangle the complexity of cultural, ecological, technological and economic threats emerging all around us.

It also presents unique and important insight from a vast spectrum of individuals about the causes of – and solutions to – our current global crisis.

Using the concept of seasons, we demonstrate that these changing conditions we face are not an apocalyptic finale, but simply the end of a cycle. We've interviewed scientists, survivalists, Aboriginal elders, anarcho-primitivists, Amazonian natives, philosophers, cultural theorists and historians.

This film refuses to offer simple or homogenized solutions for averting disaster. Only through understanding the macro-scale relationship between wealth, technology, religion, culture, government, inequality, genocide and ecological destruction can we hope to be prepared for harsher conditions. And by showing a variety of practical methods of adaptive living the point of the film will be made: the survival of our species depends on the integrity of every individual to be as informed and proactive as possible as we enter a period of drastic change.

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