Viewing the Inner Life of Plants

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listauraRussian-born physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is a true pioneer. His technological advances are setting innovative standards for the study of the human energy field, as well as generating a new understanding of reality.

Dr. Korotkov's research team has developed a camera that not only photographs plant (and human) energy fields, but is able to report on the effectiveness of medical remedies for specific conditions. It's called the GDV and, Korotkov says, makes the old Kirlian cameras look like a bicycle compared to a Mercedes.

Paula: You are known as the world leader in bio-electrography research. How did you become involved in this fascinating field?

Dr. Korotkov: In the mid-seventies, I was a young researcher and was working in the field of physical electronics with different quantum processes of solid matter. At the same time, I was very interested in various aspects of consciousness, in particular the influence of consciousness on people and the material world.

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I was involved in various organizations where the topic of Kirlian photography was much discussed as a new and fascinating tool, and there was a great deal of interest in it among both lay people and scientists. So when a project on Kirilian photography was started at our Academy of Sciences, I volunteered to participate.

That was more than twenty-five years ago. Ever since then, I have been involved in this fascinating area, where modern science and physics of the twenty-first century are correlated with spirituality, and wizards wearing jackets and ties manipulate consciousness and the energies of our world.

Paula: Based upon your experience, how would you explain and describe the energy field in living things?

Dr. Korotkov: The energy field is an organizing structure for the biological world. This idea was introduced in the beginning of the twentieth century by Russian scientist Alexander Gurvich, who demonstrated in his experiments that microbiological species can exchange photons and in this way regulate their activity. He proposed the idea that everything is regulated by a biological field.

Paula: Could you please define for us the term "biological field"?

Dr. Korotkov: It's a complex energy structure of different fields, different natures, and different origins. There are electromagnetic and gravitational fields, as well as fields of molecules and, to some extent, fields of unknown parameters. So the biological field of a living thing, also known as its "aura," is an invisible structure that correlates its activity to create a unique and united system.

Paula: In the GDV camera, you have created an amazing technology. I understand that the GDV measures and photographs the auras of living things. How does it do this?

Dr. Korotkov: Our GDV technology was developed after twenty years of research that enabled us to create the camera and also the software that supports it.

The camera's operation is based on the stimulation of very weak photon and electron emissions from the body. So it operates on the quantum level, and thus it can tell us about the quantum field of a human or a plant, and its biological functions.

The quantum level is very sensitive to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual activity. This is why the GDV camera is sensitive to different levels of the functioning of an organism. The camera creates a high-intensity electrical field around a fingertip or a plant placed on the special, fibre-optic plate of the instrument. The electric field produces a visible gas discharge glow around the object. The image is captured instantly in a computer and can be processed in a variety of ways using our proprietary software.

Paula: How different is the GDV device from the Kirlian photographic technology of the past?

Dr. Korotkov: The difference between GDV bio-electrography and Kirlian photography is the same as the difference between a bicycle and a Mercedes: both are vehicles and both can be used for transportation, but with different results.

One of the greatest benefits to date is the ability to do real-time measurements of a variety of treatments for such conditions as cancer, to determine which treatment is the most appropriate for the client. This allows researcher and client to see imbalances that may be influencing an individual's well being, and greatly facilitates the diagnosis of the cause of any existing imbalances, showing the area of the body and the organ systems involved.

The incredible implications for the diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions with applications in medicine, psychology, sound therapy, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture and ecology — to name a few — have only just begun.

Paula: It has been said that your technology is opening up a new understanding of reality. Can you tell us more about this?

Dr. Korotkov: It's true. After six years of exploring this technology, many researchers in different countries have come to the realization that it really is creating a new understanding of reality. Even though nearly all medical technologies still see life as solid structures, we no longer do. Instead, we see it as a web of energies: a web of fields that are moving, changing, and embracing all that we have in our world, and providing intercommunication between humans, between humans and the environment, and between humans, plants, and animals, as well as the entire noosphere of our world.

That's why we can see our world from another perspective — from the perspective of changing energies. It opens up a new way for us to understand the reality of life.

Paula: How has this technology been used with regard to plants?

Dr. Korotkov: It has been very important in the study of plants. Many years ago, American journals published Kirlian photographs of plants where a part had been cut off, showing the "phantom leaf effect" — the glow which remained and substituted for the missing part of the leaf.

Then there were many trials to reproduce this data.

Finally, several researchers, including our team, came to the understanding that the phantom leaf effect is really a very specific type of coherent, collective emission from the plant. From it, we can tell that plants do have their inner "secret life": they live within their inner fields, which correlate the activity of different cells — the parts of a plant that allow it to be whole.

So when vegetarians say that they do not want to kill and eat living beings, they forget that they kill and eat live plants. Plants have their own life — they react, communicate, and interact with their environment and with all of life.

Paula: Can you please describe some of the most interesting and important experiences you have had when using your technology with plants?

Dr. Korotkov: One of our most interesting experiences was an experiment with seeds when we were studying the bio-electrographic glow of different plants. We measured groups of seeds every six hours during sprouting, and in the beginning their glow was very little. Then, slowly, the glow began to grow stronger. When the sprouts emerged from the seed, the glow became really bright and remained strong for about twelve hours. After that, the glow became smaller.

For me, this experiment indicated clearly that we were seeing the inner potential of the energy contained within the seed. When this seed awakened to new life, it generated a tremendous burst of energy, and our bio-electrographic device was measuring that.

Paula: Does the energy field of a plant fluctuate? If so, does this indicate thought or emotion?

Dr. Korotkov: The energy of plants fluctuates most strongly during the day. Plants have their own cycle, which is much stronger than the cycle of humans. But of course there are no thoughts. Plants have no thoughts, they just live — they live, and they grow simply because that is their reason for living.

Paula: In your opinion, do plants respond to human thought, emotion, and action — such as a threatening situation, or love and kindness?

Dr. Korotkov: Yes. It is very interesting that we were able to measure responses of different plants in relationship to human emotions.

We performed special experiments where we measured the leaves of a potted plant in a room where people were creating different types of emotions. Measurable changes in the bio-electrographic activity of the plants and their emissions were recorded. The measurements were different for each emotion.

During these experiments, when the plant was exposed to dangerous intentions its energy field came down. When intentions were positive, as when people came to the plant with a pot of water or a smile, the energy field of the plant increased.

So this provides one more indication that love, kindness, and care are tremendous powers from human beings that generate an immediate response in the energy field of plants. In fact, this energy field influences all environmental situations: plants, other people, water — all conditions around us.

Paula: What can the life-force energy of a plant or human being tell us about its state of health?

Dr. Korotkov: Many of our experiments found good correlations in determining the state of health of plants by their bio-electrographic patterns. If there was some disease or chronic imbalance in a plant, that was reflected first of all in the energy field.

We found that a sick plant has a very uneven, very restricted glow. Sometimes, the glow practically vanishes. On the other hand, mature, healthy plants have a very strong energy flow. The same is true with human beings.

Paula: In your opinion, is there an intelligence among plants that one could call nature spirits, devas, fairies or elves?

Dr. Korotkov: I am absolutely certain that there is intelligence among plants. It is not intelligence of one particular plant or one particular tree, but a group intelligence of plant vegetation: a forest, or a garden. In every natural place, as in forests or gardens, you can feel these spirits. You can feel elves and devas. This is the collective spirit of a group of trees and plants — a collective spirit of them as a whole.

Paula: In working with the life-force energy field of living things, do you ever feel that you are in touch with something divine in nature — what we call God or Divine Intelligence or Higher Spirit?

Dr. Korotkov: We have been working with the energy force, the life force, of living beings — humans, animals, and plants — for many years, and we have no doubts that we have been having direct intercommunication with higher forces. All the work that we are doing is guided by higher forces. We have a great deal of evidence of this.

We are moving forward step by step, and in every step of our development we have this Higher Spirit. We feel no concern about little topics like money, or how to do this or that, because we need only concentrate, send our prayers to higher planes, to Higher Spirit, and then see how everything comes out.

Paula: Does your device detect which plants and flowers can be used for healing human conditions?

Dr. Korotkov: Our camera may be used to detect which plants and flowers are most positive for a particular person. This is an interaction between the energy field of a plant and a human being. From the energy patterns we find in humans and plants we can see how positive or negative this interaction is — who is the sender and who is the receiver of this energy, and whether a plant takes energy from a human being or vice versa.

Particularly important is intercommunication between humans and the environment, because we can see God's deeds only through the world that embraces us, the world in which we live. God reveals Himself in nature, in everything that is around us. Mostly, He reveals himself in our Earth — every plant, every flower of our world is a part of God's divine power and God's supreme force.

Intercommunication between humans and plants is an inevitable part of God's Divine Plan. We can see that "we" are all together. Together, we create one organism — the organism of our humanity. Together, with all plants, we create the organism of a living being called Earth. So we can say that there is one unique system that embraces both humans and plants. Without it, life on the Earth would be impossible.

Paula: Your technology also measures and photographs the energy from the Earth. Can you tell us more about this?

Dr. Korotkov: We are developing the technology to measure energy fields of the Earth directly. We have special sensors that can measure energies which come from different, secret places of our Earth. This technique is being tested in our lab. When it is patented, it will be possible to measure energy fields of sacred places, to see how they intercommunicate with human life. And it's all based on the ideas of energy fields and quantum energies.

Paula: Your research has taken place at the University of Russia. It often seems that Russia is far more open and supportive of activities of this nature than is the United States. Could you comment on the Russian viewpoint on such activities?

Dr. Korotkov: In Russia, we have always had a tradition of correlation between a philosophical approach as well as a practical approach to science. This idea was the basis of activity for many scientists and researchers of the twentieth century. In the area of natural science we should first of all point out the names of the two famous scientists and philosophers Vernadsky and Chizhevsky.

Russian science has always been open to new ideas. It became even more so after the collapse of the Soviet empire. From that time on, Russian people and scientists became aware that everything could change in a short time, and that nobody knows what can happen in the next couple of years.

Russian people are open-minded. They can easily comprehend new ideas. And we have many interesting scientists creating in this area.

In the United States, scientists are very restricted by the structure of how scientific work is organized. In Russia, scientific pursuits are very low paying. Scientists do not depend on payment. We have no salary — so we are free to do what we want. Having only a little money, we can organize really interesting research work.

Paula: How is your device being used?

Dr. Korotkov: In Russia, it's certified as a medical instrument, and increasing numbers of professionals and clinical hospitals are using it in everyday practice. Now it also is being used in more than forty countries, for research and for the analysis of the energy field of clients.

Paula: Who would benefit most from using your technology?

Dr. Korotkov: I am absolutely certain that in time this approach will be world known and will be used for everyone's benefit. Not only should it be installed in every clinic, in every hospital — in principle, it can be used as a home appliance. That's in our plans, and we are developing it with great support from our American friends and colleagues.

Paula: In closing, is there anything else you would like us to know?

Dr. Korotkov: It is very important to know that this development is not the work of just one particular team in Russia. It has come out of the work of many people in many different countries, research centers, and laboratories.

I should point out the brilliant works done using our technique — dissertations by Dr. Suzanne Gibson and Dr. Nancy Rizzo-Roberts, and a coming dissertation that will be defended by the end of July by Janet Dunlop. These are all very interesting works.

Now we are in the process of preparing research lines in various universities with tremendous support from the National Institute of Health in the USA. Hopefully, this will open up a new stage of understanding that our life is not just physical — it involves energies, fields, spirits, which embrace everything: Matter, Mind and Spirit.

Paula: Thank you so much, Dr. Korotkov, for spending this time with us. You are providing a beautiful and fascinating service by opening our eyes, hearts, and minds to a miraculous world.

The Spirit of Maat

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