Introduction to Edible Plants

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wilderness-trainingAlex Ansary travels to Timber, Oregon in July 2007 (One hour west of Portland) to speak with Clayton Shaddox, an instructor from Surival Training Oregon about the abundance of edible plants that are all around us. A list of the plants covered in this short documentary will be online soon with a link available for the list. 

"I teach a common sense approach to outdoor survival for everyday people like you. The Basic course lasts one full day. Classes include: Map & Compass and land navigation. Water & Food procurement. How to build shelters. Primitive fire making. Signaling for rescue. Cordage and knot tying. I also teach a more advanced over night Survival Session for people who want more training. Additional training is available upon request, If you want to learn something, e-mail me and we can work with you."

Learn More at Survival Training Oregon

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