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permaculture-quansut-hut-meadowImagine a world of peace, health and low-carbon prosperity. Well, we're going beyond imagination, and are working on full implementation. It's our aim. Watch (and share) the clip below to get an idea of what we mean.

The answers to the world's woes – waning energy supplies, depleted and contaminated soils and water, reduced biodiversity, the dismantling of community, etc. – are all there. We know how to get the job done, we know how to restore natural abundance where before was only desolation. But, we can get the job done a great deal faster with your help!

The Mission of the Permaculture Research Institute USA is to work with communities worldwide, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated sustainable agriculture using the whole-systems approach of Permaculture Design. This will provide solutions for permanent abundance by training local people to become leaders of sustainable development in their communities and countries.

PRI USA will facilitate this through fund raising to establish a global network of demonstration sites, which operate as education centers.

These will specialize in the appropriate technologies and systems specific to each country and region, both culturally and biologically.

All of this information will be available worldwide.

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It will also give international students the opportunity to gain experience with a great diversity of projects, people and cultures.

Each demonstration site will become financially self-sufficient within three years, be self-replicating, and provide local employment in the following positions: teacher, project manager, and administrator. These positions will also provide mentoring for paying students as advanced training for permaculture project work (see clip below for more details).

Student sponsorship will be a main focus of the website allowing students in need of financial support the opportunity to be funded to participate in permaculture training. These students will be able to describe their home region situation and the reason they need sponsorship.

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