The Basics of Natural Farming (Video)

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NaturalFarming.001"I grew fresh vegetables for a small CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) , local markets and my friends and family. Much of my gardening practice coincides with the principles of permaculture. No-till farming creates permanent planting areas, in this way, one can incorporate perennial growing alongside the annuals. 

Artistically, I was inspired by Carl Sagan's Cosmos and the work of David Attenborough, which I grew up adoring as a child. I find it ironic how modern media was one of the original gateways to my increasing curiosity about nature, though perhaps this is what I hope to mimic by putting together my personal story with this garden.

I hope to continue learning from nature for years to come... and hopefully inspire others to do so themselves.

Resistance is fertile, folks!

Oh yeah...

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