Antique Cylinder Wood Stove Points

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cylindercollection2215Antique cylinder stoves, intricately crafted from cast iron and rolled steel, burn wood or coal and can be converted to gas.

The stately stove uses a minimal amount of floor space while providing the ultimate in heat distribution. With its air-tight design, Cylinder Stoves were considered to be the superior heating stove of the day (in the early 1900's).

Nickel skirts gracefully direct heat down towards the floor.

Antique Cylinder Stoves come in three sizes small, medium and large. A small Cylinder Stove was often found warming a woman''s boudoir while the larger Cylinder Stove could comfortably heat a great room all night long.

Many antique cylinder stoves feature large convenient loading doors, ash pit doors for easy cleanout, smoke door to assure less soot in the room and hidden cook lids.

The antique Cylinder Stove defines elegance and beauty. The hand-crafted stoves display rich detailing in nickel trimming, intricate cast iron designs, and beautifully framed mica windows. With its efficient heat output the vintage Cylinder Stove is a premier example of functional art.

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