Building a Wood Fired Oven

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A great how-to on wood fired ovens!

"An outdoor wood-fired oven gives us another option for many kinds of cooking.  It also provides a great accompaniment to the barbecue.  The WFO is a lot of fun to built and use.  It provides a lot of feel good factor for having done it ourselves with little money.  Of course, it also makes great tasting food.


Materials list and cost:

I used:

less than 1.5 yards of 5/8 minus for the entire project – about $40.

"Urbanite" and large rocks - free.

Concrete block – free from freecycle.

Sand – free from river.

Coarse Sawdust – free from a local lumber mill.

Perlite – about $30 from the hardware store.

Clay – $150.  (It could have been free with more elbow grease)

Material for the door – free from around the property.

Total cost: under $200."

By Jon Ball. 


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