Free Energy Live In Action! This Is Breathtaking

qeg-728x400Watching this video was quite an experience. It's perhaps because I've been following this topic for so many years now and amidst all the doubt and negativity from mainstream science, amazing scientists have put together devices that time and time again show that our current understandings of science and physics can use some updating.

To begin, I want to define what I mean when I say 'free energy.' I refer to it as getting more energy out than you put in and/or not requiring input and having energy be produced perpetually. To answer the question, yes this device will need part replacement, bearing, belts etc. at some point in its lifespan. Minimal costs involved there.


Potential Causes of Reduced Hot Water

Marey Tankless ElectricIf your hot water heater is delivering less hot water than it used to, there are several things that can be causing your problem, depending on what type of water heater you have.

If your tank is electric, a lower element could be defective, or the dip tube could be missing.

If you have a gas model, it would most likely be the dip tube (see our FAQ section regarding dip tubes).

And, sometimes we find there is nothing wrong at all. In the winter, incoming water temperature is much colder, which causes the remaining hot in the tank to dilute much faster (the cold water coming in is what pushes the hot out to your shower).


Extend Your Water Heater's Useful Life

Marey Propane Heater

A standard water heater will last between eight and twelve years. Most tanks today are steel lined with glass or porcelain and over time can oxidize and deteriorate. Most tanks will eventually leak – in some cases it will be a slow leak and in some cases it will be a more dramatic leak. For this reason it is a good idea to know where your dedicated water shutoff valve is located.

Although it is not common, there are homeowners that will see fifteen and in some cases twenty years of useful life from their water heater. Alghough, it is important to keep in mind, that although a water heater may still be working, most water heaters decrease in efficiency over time as sediment builds up inside the tank.


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