Nature By Numbers

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Vila’s latest project, “Nature By Numbers”, illustrates how mathematical properties, such as the Fibonacci Sequence, pervade the natural world. The math of each part of the film is explained in detail at the link. 

The animation begins by presenting a series of numbers. This is a very famous and recognized sequence since many centuries ago in the Western World thanks to Leonardo of Pisa, a thirteenth century Italian mathematician, also called Fibonacci. So it is known as Fibonacci Sequence, even although it had been described much earlier by Indian mathematicians.

This is an infinite sequence of natural numbers where the first value is 0, the next is 1 and, from there, each amount is obtained by adding the previous two.

The values of this sequence have been appearing in numerous applications, but one of the most recognized is the Fibonacci Spiral, which has always been used as an approximation to theGolden Spiral (a type of logarithmic spiral) because it is easier to represent with help of a simple drawing compass.

This is the next thing to be shown on the animation, appearing just after the first values on the succession: the process of building one of these spirals.

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Learn More at Nature By Numbers and Neatorama

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