GMO Salmon: Deficient, Deformed and Dangerous

gmo salmon compareThe Food and Drug Administration is about to decide whether to unleash genetically engineered (GE) salmon into our food supply. This GE salmon, which is designed to grow twice as fast as normal salmon, would be the first "transgenic" animal allowed into the U.S. food supply.


GMO Assessment Has ‘Failed’ at Protecting Public Health

236610A basic principle in the classification of GMO foods is fundamentally flawed and "has failed miserably" at protecting public health, a study argues. The error has allowed companies to market potentially dangerous GMO products.

The principle itself is known as 'substantial equivalence' and is the basis for the safety protocol used by most international food regulators. It works off the idea that if a new food product (GMOs in this case) are found to be similar to an already-existing non-GMO product, then it can be treated the same with regard to safety regulations.


China Rejects Fifth US GMO Corn Cargo

china gmo rejectChina has blocked a fifth cargo of US corn since mid-November after testing found a strain of genetically-modified (GMO) corn not yet approved for import. Three more cargoes may also be refused.

A cargo of 59,100 tons was turned away on Tuesday in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang after quarantine officials found MIR 162 -- an insect-resistant GMO strain which the country's agriculture ministry has yet to warrant, Reuters cited an official as saying.


Connecticut Gov Signs First GMO Labeling Law

gmo free CTThe governor of Connecticut hosted a ceremonial signing outside an organic restaurant in the city of Fairfield on Wednesday to commemorate the state's passing of what could be the first GMO labeling law of its type in the United States.

Voters in Connecticut decided back in June to approve a bill requiring that all foods meant for human consumption that contain genetically-modified ingredients be properly labeled. Unless some neighboring states in the region follow suit, however, the status of that law remains in limbo.


Couple Forced to Uproot their 17-year-old Organic Garden

Hermine Ricketts and Tom CarrollAfter 17 years of managing an organic vegetable garden in their front yard, a Miami Shores, Florida couple was forced to remove it due to a zoning violation.

Now, Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll are fighting back, suing the village after being threatened with a daily $50 fine.

"We are already feeling the impact of shopping for overpriced organic food," Ricketts said to the Miami Herald.


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