Washington State's Slippery Rules on Logging

OSO-570Two days after the Hazel slope in Oso turned into what one rescue worker described as "a blender" of mud and trees hurtling downhill, a Snohomish County official told a roomful of reporters: "This was a completely unforeseen slide. This came out of nowhere." He was wrong. The unstable composition of the slope—loose silt and sand, deposited by glaciers on top of a layer of clay—was so well-known that a 1967 article in the Seattle Times referred to it as "slide hill," and a 1999 geological report for the Army Corps of Engineers discussed its "potential for large-scale catastrophic failure."


Please Help Local Volunteers at Oso, Washington Landslide Search Effort

0325 Oso Landslide Getty 19As soon as the hillside came crashing down in Oso Saturday, locals went racing to the scene to search for survivors. Many haven't stopped searching since, and an effort is underway to help keep them supplied.

They've been using their own chain saws, bulldozers and other heavy equipment - and they're wearing them out.

"Some of those guys have been working up there since Saturday, and they haven't slept more than two hours. They're not waiting for daybreak. They're working all the time up there," says Ed Russell, who works at AMT, an aerospace company in Arlington.


Oso Washington Mudslide Victims Relief Fund

140324-oso-mudslideDozens of homes and lives were swept away under a devastating surge of mud and debris the morning of March 22nd, and those who did survive lost everything they had. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this disaster, especially those who have missing loved ones.

In cooperation with the Oso Community Chapel, this site has been created and donated by Fruitful Farm to provide a simple, efficient and secure way for anyone to easily make a tax deductible donation to the Oso Chapel Mudslide Disaster Relief Fund which is exclusively dedicated to bring financial support directly to survivors of the mudslide who's homes and property were destroyed or severely damaged by the disaster.


Clearcut Logging in Washington State

clear-cut-forest 3310The plateau above the soggy hillside that gave way Saturday has been logged for almost a century, with hundreds of acres of softwoods cut and hauled away, according to state records.

But in recent decades, as the slope has become more unstable, scientists have increasingly challenged the timber harvests, with some even warning of possible calamity.


Oso Washington Landslide: Rescue of a 4-year Old Boy

120424 slide aerial 01 lgAaron Hall, who is from Oso, WA has sent Eco Friendly Shelters a message describing his brother's brave attempt to rescue a 4-year old boy who was trapped in the landslide:


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