Save the bees from extinction!

european_honey_beeIn North America 4 THOUSAND   types  of bees are disappearing! Some are extinct already. This is a NEW method to make bee habitat. Colony collapse disorder is hard to blame when most bees are solitary! Thats right, most types of bees live alone. One big reason that they are disappearing is habitat loss. This instructable suggests ways to provide solitary bees with brood space and overnight shelter in an attempt to replace some of that lost habitat.  So far it is working much better than I expected. Download today and help save the bees!

icon Save the Bees From Extinction! You CAN do it! (834.56 kB)

Forest Gardening That You Can Enjoy

80-forestgardenA forest garden is a tiny imitation of a natural forest designed to achieve the utmost economy of space and labour. Like a natural woodland it has three layers of vegetation: trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Once established it requires minimal work and provides fruit, nuts, salads, herbs and other useful plants and fungi.


Hydroponics - at Home and for Beginners

FQ98H8JRB1ERXTS3Y4.MEDIUMI am pushing this project early. I want to clear out my unpublished projects so this is now public. Hopefully it will force me to finish sometime soon (all I need to do now is buy plants)

If you've heard of this word, it may have been on the news due to some illegal drug growing operation in someone's garage. That, or you saw the word on the packaging on some very good looking and expensive lettuce. If not - kudos to you :D


The 72 Plant Vertical Garden

The-72-Plant-Vertical-GardenThis instructable will cover the details of the Vertical Garden built for my "Hydroponic, Automated, Networking, Climate Controlled Greenhouse Project". The vertical garden is a space saving way to grow up to 72 small plants (such as lettuce, spinach, strawberries and lots of different herbs) all with the plant health benefits of hydroponics. The Vertical Garden is designed with modularity in mind, to be brought into the greenhouse and installed as a single unit, with only connection to the existing plumbing required before you're ready to grow. The installation of additional Vertical Garden units should be quick and easy.

icon The 72 Plant Vertical Garden (800.67 kB)

Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Design and Strategy

how to survive crises smAs the basis of permaculture is beneficial design, it can be added to all other ethical training and skills, and has the potential of taking a place in all human endeavors. In the broad landscape, however, permaculture concentrates on already-settled areas and agricultural lands. Almost all of these need drastic rehabilitation and re-thinking. One certain result of using our skills to integrate food supply and settlement, to catch water from our roof areas, and to place nearby a zone of fuel forest which receives wastes and supplies energy, will be to free most of the area of the globe for the rehabilitation of natural systems. These need never be looked upon as "of use to people", except in the very broad sense of global health.


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