Permaculture, a Beginners Guide

permaculture_gardenDon't get stumped by the name: permaculture is a simple, vital tool for food growers and gardeners alike.

A philosophy of gardening. Gardening and philosophy. Either way it seems strange to the uninitiated. However, one thing permaculture isn't, to many people's surprise, is a cult. So what exactly is it?

Permaculture is a design system which sprang up during the 1970s oil crisis, a reaction to food insecurity and the desire for self-reliance. Combining attitude and practical application, it encompasses anything from recycling, reusing and regenerating, to simply observing.


The Basics of Natural Farming (Video)

NaturalFarming.001"I grew fresh vegetables for a small CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) , local markets and my friends and family. Much of my gardening practice coincides with the principles of permaculture. No-till farming creates permanent planting areas, in this way, one can incorporate perennial growing alongside the annuals. 

Artistically, I was inspired by Carl Sagan's Cosmos and the work of David Attenborough, which I grew up adoring as a child. I find it ironic how modern media was one of the original gateways to my increasing curiosity about nature, though perhaps this is what I hope to mimic by putting together my personal story with this garden.


Introduction to Edible Plants

wilderness-trainingAlex Ansary travels to Timber, Oregon in July 2007 (One hour west of Portland) to speak with Clayton Shaddox, an instructor from Surival Training Oregon about the abundance of edible plants that are all around us. A list of the plants covered in this short documentary will be online soon with a link available for the list. 


Permaculture Research Institute Video

permaculture-quansut-hut-meadowImagine a world of peace, health and low-carbon prosperity. Well, we're going beyond imagination, and are working on full implementation. It's our aim. Watch (and share) the clip below to get an idea of what we mean.

The answers to the world's woes – waning energy supplies, depleted and contaminated soils and water, reduced biodiversity, the dismantling of community, etc. – are all there. We know how to get the job done, we know how to restore natural abundance where before was only desolation. But, we can get the job done a great deal faster with your help!


7 Reasons To Garden

vegetable-gardenAs much as I encourage my children to get their hands dirty, I almost never want to dirty my own hands. I don't like the feel of grit under my fingernails. I don't like to sweat profusely in the hot sun and cake layers of salt into my clothes. I don't like having bugs crawl on me. I'm naturally a bit repelled by gardening. It seems like — WORK. I've read romantic essays about gardening that inspire me towards gardening greatness. I've devoured many a book on the subject. But when it boils right down to it, Gardening and I need to work at being friends. We wouldn't naturally be bosom buddies.


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