Riverside Park Community Park Goes Compost

waterless-toilet-bowl-400x4The Riverside Clay Tennis Association hopes to ease the pain for all parkgoers. It has proposed a carbon-neutral complex that would be the first public bathroom of its kind in a New York City park, said John Herrold, the Riverside Park administrator. (The Bronx Zoo and the Queens Botanical Garden already have ones.)


Nature's Head Composting Toilet


This toilet or head, (the marine term for toilet) was designed by two long time sailors who sought to create a more user friendly version than anything else on the market. While we designed our product to withstand the harsh marine environment, it can be used anywhere you need a toilet, especially anywhere that plumbing or electricity is difficult or non-existent -- on RVs or campers, in vacation cabins, workshops, barns, yurts, even trucks.  Most importantly, this toilet doesn''t have the foul odors associated with all other holding tank systems.


Global Sanitation: Latrines Trounce Toilets

latrineWhile Americans may consider flush-and-forget-it indoor plumbing to be the pinnacle of sanitary science, the lowly latrine could be a far better solution for many parts of the developing world, say researchers at Michigan Technological University.

Associate Professor David Watkins, Professor James Mihelcic and PhD student Lauren Fry of the University's Sustainable Futures Institute analyzed worldwide barriers to sanitation. Diseases such as dysentery attack millions of people every year, often fatally, largely as a result of poor sanitation. In particular, the researchers found that a scarcity of clean drinking water is not as big an issue as one might expect.


Sewage Sludge Disposal - Invironmental Problems

sludge_truckThis article is by far one of the best explanations on how serios the problem with sewage sludge disposal is. No one bothers to learn what happens with the sludge pumped from their septic tanks once a year. Now it's time to rethink our existing "strategies" and instead - think "sustainability."


The Truth About Septic Systems - Mother Earth

drainfieldIt came to my attention on a quiet summer day in 1989 — heavy trucks were rolling down the dirt road. Trees were being cut down; stumps, bulldozed. Twenty truckloads of sand and gravel were brought in.

My neighbor was adding a small addition to his house, and because of local building codes, he had to install a “mound” septic system. The landscape-disrupting mound, along with pumps and complex plumbing, cost more than $40,000! In contrast, my conventional gravity-powered system, built for less than $3,000 in 1971 on land with the same soil profile, has worked reliably for 36 years.


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