Sifting Through the Soil - A Simple Soil Science Test

soil1Like many gardeners, I tend to focus my efforts at ground level. I weed, water, and mulch on a regular basis. I replace plants that don't make it through various weather stressors and give a little TLC to those that did. But it turns out the interactions under the soil may be at the root of much that goes right—and wrong—for my lawn, trees, flowers, plants and vegetables.


Why did my chicken lay a shell-less egg?

shelless eggRecently we discovered a shelles egg in the chicken coup. It was laid on the floor amidst wood shavings instead of one of the regular beds they use to lay eggs. Calcium intake is solid. Nutrients are there too. So, what was the reason? We think that it was one of the first eggs laid by our BayBee chick because the rest of the eggs laid have solid shells. We found some helpful information in this regard and sharing it with you in this article.


Wound Care for Chickens In Emergencies

wound care chickensAs it happens, when we expect something (or not expecting at all) the least - it happens. Murphy's Law. It happened last night at 9 PM when one of our chickens' toe was bleeding. She had high temparture and in pain. Other chicks were concerned as well hovering around her and making unhappy sounds. Urgently we searched on-line on how to take care of the wound. Browsing through multiple articles, we came across the forum where one of the most valuable adivce was posted. We would like to share it with our Community, so in case that happens to either of you - you know what to do to heal your "girls."

The post that we are sharing is not intended as a professional advice, but rather quick how-to treat wounds of your chicks. 


Maximize Your Flower Power This Spring

Hardiness ZonesWe have been forwarded this interesting inforgraphic on flower compatibility by region. Easy to use inforgraphic describes which plants are most suitable for the specific climate. We were glad to find our all-time favorites including Pacific Bleeding Heart, Shooting Star, Blue Columbine. 

What grows in Washington state may not fare well in hot, humid Texas. Additionally, plants that thrive in non-freezing areas may wither away in the snowier parts of the nation. Knowing what to plant in your area is important, and this infographic gives you an accurate depiction of hardiness zones within the United States.


How Do Cats Show Their Love

Nyura LoveCats can be affectionate towards their owners, seeking out our company and purring contentedly as they sit or sleep beside us. To many owners this signifies that their cat loves them and this may be true.

Love may be defined as an intense feeling of affection and lots of us have this for our animal companions. We can never know their true feelings towards us but in most cases we can be sure that they enjoy being with us.


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