Back to the Garden, Flower Power Comes Full Circle

hippie3In 1988, director Kevin Tomlinson interviewed a group of back-to-the-land hippies at a "healing gathering" in rural Washington state, practicing peace and love. Now, in this poignant examination of this community over time, he tracks down those original interviewees and their children twenty years later to find out what the glories and sufferings of living out of the mainstream and off the grid might really look like.

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Fungi Perfecti: Read To Grow Mushroom Kits

dusty-mushroom-kitsFungi Perfecti offers a wide variety of Certified Organic Indoor Mushroom Patches™. Each kit comes with illustrated instructions and is guaranteed to produce. After these indoor kits stop producing, many of them can be used as spawn to inoculate outdoor garden composts and/or hardwood logs (see "Maximizing Your Mycelial Mileage"). Some species take longer or require more attention in order to produce than others. To help you choose, we have included a simple rating key with each Patch shown below, from easiest (?) to most complex (?????). We hope you come to love mushrooms and mushroom growing as much as we do.


Basic Papermaking Equipment

Basic-Papermaking-EquipmentPeople have been making paper for thousands of years, by hand or machine.

Turning growing plants into useful paper is somewhere between precise science and a black art, and frequently involves strange smells and odd stains, making it the original "mad science" (in fact, getting the secret of papermaking out of China was one of the earliest cases of industrial espionage...).

"Proper" papermaking equipment costs hundreds of pounds, but you can get perfectly acceptable results for under a fiver.


Use of Bottles Tops to seal a bag

bottlecap 1WHAT A GREAT IDEA. NO MORE TWIST TIES OR RUBBER BANDS. This method is WATER PROOF AND AIR TIGHT. GREAT! The guy who first thought of the idea should be given an award for originality!!!


You can be your own artisan cheese-maker

making-cheese-at-home.s600x600"ALL OF YOU are cheese heads or you wouldn't be here," Mary Karlin said as she welcomed us to her Beginning Cheese-Making Workshop at the Art Institute of Seattle last fall.

The assembled students, including local foodies such as Sur La Table founder Shirley Collins and vegetarians in search of a good protein source, could hardly wait to begin making simple, fresh cheeses.

"We have beautiful milk from here locally. We are lucky to have it," Karlin said as she cast an admiring gaze over jugs of ivory-colored liquid from Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy, Grace Harbor and Medosweet Farms.


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