2x4 Simple Projects You Can Make

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DF-2x4-table-with-me"2X4 Furniture" contains plans for sturdy pieces which, with the crafter's individual touches, add marvelous accents to any home.

The designs lend themselves well to the use of softwoods such as pine and poplar, a boon for those unwilling to invest in the more expensive ornamental hardwoods but nevertheless wanting handsome results. The finished pieces adapt well to carving, embellishment with trim or painting, and only basic hand tools are required.

However, absolute novices to the world of woodworking may find themselves nonplussed at the lack of explaination at the basic technique level; e.g., the term "beveling" is explained (woodworking terminology is presented thoroughly and in wonderful detail at the book's beginning), but the procedure for beveling, which can be tricky, is not described, although there is mention of a jigsaw as one of the needed tools. Likewise, the sometimes difficult placement of hinges (and description of hinge types)is skimmed over, leaving the beginner feeling as if the details had been omitted.

This is however a splendid book for those familiar with basic woodworking, or those who have watched others work and have already read up on the basics. It is a book to be highly recommended to households decorating on a budget who don't mind expending a bit of elbow grease to construct furniture that will last a lifetime. I understand that there is now a sequel dealing with outdoor furniture, which promises to be even more rewarding, with similarly wonderful illustrations. If it is like the first book, it too is to be recommended.

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