Chicken Tractors For Your Homestead

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chicken_tractorBuilding a Chicken Coop is an eBook that provides three different blueprints for a chicken tractor or chicken coop. It was written by Bill Keene, a seasoned farmer who has raised chickens for many years. Inside the eBook is a plan for a large sized coop, a medium sized coop, and one for a portable chicken tractor.

Each set of plans provides detailed information on dimensions, a materials list, and instructions on how to assemble the coop or tractor. There are also 3-D drawings to help you visualize the final coop. Along with the plans, you get a huge 100-page report that goes into much detail on how to raise chickens. It covers the care of chickens, diseases, breeds and more.

Building a Chicken Coop is aimed toward the new chicken farmer so all the information is easy to digest and put into practice. After looking at several of the chicken coop packages online, I believe that there are numerous benefits to Bill’s eBook: first, the instructions are easy to follow and everything is laid out for you, second, you don’t need expensive tools or expert carpentry skills, and third, you will learn how to save money by building your own coop and using the materials Bill suggests. Finally, there is so much information about raising chickens packed into the book that you will have trouble reading it in one sitting!

The image above is an example of the chicken tractor plan that is available in the book. You can see it is a nice, colorful design meant to make assembly a breeze.

Raising chickens is becoming more popular as more people are interested in how to become self-sufficient. The benefits to raising your own chickens appeal to a broad range of folks who want to keep chickens for both eggs and meat supply as well as the free fertilizer and bug control the chickens provide. In order to raise chickens correctly, you need to have a proper enclosure to protect your chickens from the climate and from predators. They also need to be comfortable so that they are happy and will produce eggs for you.

I think the chicken tractor is the perfect coop to build when you are just getting started raising chickens. They are easy to build, lightweight, portable and can house about four chickens. We have been happy with our chicken tractor. We haven’t lost one chicken to a predator yet!

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